A simple intiutive modern way to track your personal finances, loans and investments accross different platforms

Our Mission

People use different apps to track finances and manage portfolios and mostly give away alot of personal information. We want to make managing your finances and keeping an eye on your overall worth simple, smooth and painless. Most importantly we won't ask you for any identifying information so we won't even know who you are!

What makes us different

Adding transactions, categorising, filtering, recurring payments are all standard by now and Trackefi has all of these and more. Here are some of the features that make us stand out

Smart budgeting

Manage different scenarios when it comes to your accounting by creating custom rules to effeciently forcast monthly expenses and make sure irregular payments are logged correctly.

Joint accounts

You can share your budget with a friend, partner or any person you wish. This will allow you to track expenses without having to use 2 different accounts or an online spreadsheet

Portfolio tracker

Track your overall worth including your portfolio by adding your investments to Trackefi. This way you have an all in one place to track your finances

Multi platform application

Modern advanced UI that works on different platforms; iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS in perfect sync





  • Incoming, outgoing payments, scheduling, filters and much more

  • Sync on 2 devices

  • Up to 5 financial accounts

  • Limited transactions & 2 year max history




  • All free features

  • Multi user budget

  • Customer categories

  • Unlimited financial accounts

  • Portfolio tracking

  • Backup/Sync on different devices

  • Unlimited transactions and history

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